Thursday, November 26, 2015

Katy Perry: "Okay, But First Let Me Adjust My Boobs"

Katy Perry adjusting her boobs

If there's one thing I think we can agree on - it's that the boobs we most wish had been revealed in all their glory during "The Fappening" are Katy Perry's boobs. And if any of us could choose which current female pop star was gonna be running around flashing her tits all over the goddamn place (yes I'm talking about YOU Miley Cyrus) it would be Katy Perry. Her boobs are simply magnificent. National Treasures really. Anywho, so here she is caught in the act onstage shuffling her puppies around a bit before the cameras get rolling... oh wait.... they already are... oopsy!

Goooooood Morning Coffee

Sexy fashion model in a knit sweater sitting cross-legged and bare foot in bed holding a big cup of coffee

Ah yeah, early Thursday morning - time to wake up and smell the coffee... and to just sit here for a while longer and ogle this babe's lovely legs and sweet feet. Life is good.

Jennifer Lawrence. Sideboob. 'Nuff Said.

Jennifer Lawrence doesn't do ANYTHING half-assed. Nah, she always goes storming into things... erm... full-assed. Like here for instance. Sure, loads of actresses have delivered sideboob moments - but 99% of the time its really just an eensy weensy peek of tasty tit-flesh. With Jen though the sideboob is truly... epic. Soooooo wonderfully epic. See also: Jennifer Lawrence making out with Natalie Dormer

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pssst! Hey, Wanna See Aubrey Plaza Strip Down To Her Undies?

Aubrey Plaza pulling off her pants

Sooooo.... no need to bother going to see the flick "Dirty Grandpa". Nope. Waste of time. Right here's everything you need to see -- the delicious Aubrey Plaza laying in a bed in a black bra and jeans... stripping off those jeans... and so she's just in a black bra and matching panties. Look at that, I just saved you about 2 hours - you're welcome.

Kristina Sheiter Hot And Sweaty Topless Hair Bra Babe

Sexy blonde fashion model Kristina Sheiter hot, sweaty and topless with her long hair covering her bare boobs

This blonde babe Kristina Sheiter right here is hot as f**king hell! No, like, she's really goddamn hot... as in overheated... as in she's sweating profusely... in the hottest way possible...... toplessly. Yum.

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